Happy Couple

Happy Couple

Friday, June 25, 2010

Waiting for my call!

I got the call in the living room and I can't wait to find out where I am going.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mission Call

My mission papers are in and I have been told that it takes three weeks to recieve the call in the mail. So I will probably get the call while my parents are at camp. Which means I will have to drive to girls camp with out looking at it so my parents will be be there. Oh I would be dead if I opened it without them. I am so excited and glad I am deciding to do this now.

My family is behind me the whole way, and I want to thank my parents and siblings and even my extended family for being good example for me. Those that went on missions and are still on missions. I love you all! Life is now, is bliss. I am with family, dancing, and now have a job. I work as a server at a retirement home.

It's money in the pocket and will keep me busy. I do fit in the Wii here and there and have found I like to cook and try new foods. I have learned though that cooking for a family is much more difficult then I thought. But my brothers forgive me, if I make dessert or something sweet. I love you brothers!!!! My life is beginning a new chapter and I am ready as ever for it!

Monday, May 3, 2010

First Week Home

My first week home was full of job applications and unpacking. I had my first dance rehearsal for the up coming dance show in June. I have had doctors appointments for my mission papers and just family time. We started the next week with my nephew's birthday party. My sister made a spiderman themed cake with towers and a black road. My favorite part was my nephew's reactions to the presents he recieved. He is so cute! The whole day at church he would go around telling the family and anyone who he knew that it was his birthday that day. I am going to miss him and the rest of my sister's family while they are in Michigan for three years. Thank goodness for digital pictures and e-mailing.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wiki Contributions


Here is the link to my lesson plan on the wiki website


Here is the link to my Google reader blog I subscribed to this semester.

Teaching my parent about Internet Saftey

Teaching my mom about internet saftey was a good choice. I have to be honest. It was more of a discussion than a lesson. We talked about how in my childhood, she had a separate account for each of us kids. We had our own passwords, that only she knew. It was very difficult to catch the computer unattended with it still logged in. The understanding that people on the internet chat rooms were strangers, sent a message that chat rooms and other networking was a no -no, when we were still in elementary school. Not until 8 grade did i feel I had some more freedom about the internet. I told my mom about specific information that we should not have posted on the internet, and about Brother Wests idea about the 24 hour credit card number. My mom really liked that suggestion, and has used it a couple of times.

I hope to teach my children the evils on the internet that could come up, and then have to hope they will listen to you when you give them some leg room to explore on their own. It is helpful to have a close relationship with your kids, so secrets don't have to be an issues when it comes to working on the computer. My mom agreed, which makes sense, because she probably taught that to her kids starting at a very young age.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Things As they Really Are

In the beginning of the semester I made a powerpoint about this talk given by Elder Bednar. And since it is one of the choices for our readings for the Internet Saftey Project I decided to post my power point.

Things As They Really Are Power Point. This presentation has the high points that made an impact on me.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Article Review on Internet Saftey

I read an article off of the Education World website. It was a debate about how parents should control their kids Internet activity. What I mostly got out of it was there has to be rules given to the kids. An outline of set rules to every student and child can make it a combined effort to keep them safe working together with parents and teachers. Don't give out personal info, and keep good communication between the kids. If the parents keep the same rules and be good examples, then it is easier for a kid to follow.

Video 1

Video 2